Hector Martinez

Hector Martinez was a born entertainer!

In his native Cuba at the age of three, he escaped his mother’s hand and joined the passing Carnaval celebration parade with all the other performers and dancers. From that point forward, Hector has been entertaining audiences, associates, friends and family alike through dance, acting, modeling, directing and choreography among a multitude of other talents including being a fabulous Chef!

Hector had the fortune and the talent to be able to study dance with internationally known masters such as Alicia Alonzo and Mikhail Baryshnikov and perform with the National Ballet of Cuba in Havana. Additionally, Hector is a master of other rhythms such as salsa, mambo, merengue, rumba and cha cha. While in Cuba and later in Venezuela, he also studied, radio, film, theater, television and public relations.

As a teenager, Hector left Cuba with his family to live in Caracas, Venezuela. His destiny took hold as within only days, he won a rare and highly regarded scholarship with the most prestigious dance and performing arts school in Venezuela, Teresa Carreño. He auditioned and began performing with El Gran Ballet de Venevision, the Venevision Television Network and the National Ballet of Venezuela.

Hector performed as a principal dancer in the grand spectaculars created and produced for the Miss Venezuela pageant for several years. He also assisted with choreography as well as with coaching the pageant contestants, teaching them style, grace, image and choreography on the side.

Hector performed with Internationally famous celebrities such as Celia Cruz, Oscar de Leon and Tito Puente in numerous television, concert and theater presentations. Hector also began acting in Novelas and soap operas all the while modeling and performing with the National Ballet of Venezuela in productions such as Swan Lake, Nutcracker and Romeo and Juliet.

After several years, several awards, acknowledgements and recognition, Hector followed his family once again and moved to the United States to begin again in Atlanta, Georgia. There, he became the choreographer for the Cuban Club and performed with the Atlanta Ballet. He began teaching Latin dance and worked as an aerobics instructor inventing popular dance-infused classes such as his Latin Sports Dancing class at the Coca-Cola World Headquarters, long before the days of Zumba and other similar programs.

He found satisfaction and success in co-founding and acting as Creative Director, performer and choreographer for his own event production and entertainment company called Babalú Entertainment and Productions. The client list grew to include Fortune 500 companies such as Pfizer, AT&T, MTV, CNN, Heineken and Anheuser Busch. Numerous associations, charities, festivals and television programs sought after Hector's talents for performances and productions including the direction, production, choreography and performances for Miss Georgia US Latina 2000, Calle Peachtree, the Kentucky Derby, National Heart Association, Atlanta Latin Music Festival, 1996 Olympic Games, the Queen of Holland, Paralympics and many more.

Later, Hector moved to Miami and enjoyed several contracts in the Caribbean as a Luxury Brands Specialist representing the world’s top watch brands, diamond and gemstone retailers and a host of other International luxury brands to cruise ship guests.

After traveling throughout the Caribbean doing promotions and marketing for luxury goods, Hector is now following his passion for Model Development through scouting, mentoring, polishing and training prospective top fashion models for the major markets in NY, Miami, LA, Europe and Asia.

In addition to model development, Hector has been a Casting Director for fashion shows, has appeared in numerous television shows and movies and has also been an on-set coach for models as well as Creative Director for photo shoots.

He has coached a host of successful male fashion models and several pageant winners and prepares his model clients for the stage, runways and cameras. His models are currently signed with top agencies around the world and are appearing on runways at Miami Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and working for brands such as Givenchy, Burberry, Hugo Boss and countless others.

Hector is currently working on his own Model & Actor “Boot Camps”, seminars and other upcoming projects.

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